End the Hostage Taking of Our Energy!

As a business owner located in the United States, I have a lot of overhead. There are taxes, employee workman’s compensation and the little fees and the little things that we get nailed on every month. I also have my business certifications such as my ISO 9001 Certification and my Six Sigma Certification to think about. Let’s not even start with the Union’s. One of the things that is the most odious is how much I have to pay out in fuel costs for my delivery drivers and manufacturing plants.

As US residents I think we can agree that we all have a love/hate relationship with the fact that our country is at the mercy of a bunch of billionaires who live in a desert 10,000 miles away. We go about our lives thinking that it doesn’t matter, but it does. We need the precious resources that oil provides for: car travel, air travel, running generators in our houses and in some of our most utilized power plants. Ever since oil was found in the middle of the desert a half a world away we have: fought wars for it, tolerated terrorism for it and let ourselves be slaves of the corporate contracts which perpetuate this constant kidnapping of our ability to function. Enough is enough! This is a call for Engineers, Scientists and others to start making an actual difference!

We can do this, we have the solution!

The fact of the matter is that we do not have to be slaves of foreign dictators. This malaise that we live under and the constant raising of our gas prices does not have to be the way we live! We are constantly living in a world where we neglect one precious energy resource – one thing that we are constantly being blessed with and that is – the Sun.

It has been stated that if we could harness the power of the Sun’s rays we could power millions of homes and businesses. What’s more is we do not even have to get someone else to do it, we can do it ourselves. A well thought out, well done array of 12 volt solar panels can provide a home with enough energy to sustain itself and get the electric company to pay you!

We may not be able to get rid of oil immediately …

We may not be able to wean ourselves off of foreign oil immediately, this will take time, however we need to start sometime. The fact of the matter is that the sun is there in the sky shining down at us just waiting for us to take advantage, let’s do that – before it’s too late.

Business Investments Done Right

Every time people think of their financial independence, they should always consider opening up a business. This is the best investment for those that can afford to do this, even if in some cases this means a lot of work from their part.

engineeringEven if some people consider that this is the hardest part, the truth is that this is the easiest part that someone can do when opening up a business, no matter the domain. The hard part comes after starting up, as that requires continuous work.

However, you must also be careful about the initial process of starting this, as there are plenty of things to consider. You could invest in a quality management system certification such as ISO9001 or AS9100 and maybe apply some of those rules to your investment planning, but things need not become that complicated on your first outing. In essence, it’s very simple, so here is what you have to do.

The Budget

Every business requires a budget. Because it’s a long term investment, you must also think about how much money and effort you are willing to put into it. Analyze the market and see how much money you need, at least for the few months before your business starts producing profit. No matter if you open up a coffee shop or a business that it’s about engineering and aerospace, it’s important to know the sum of money that you can use.

Check out similar investments and talk to different business owners to make an idea about everything. If you don’t have enough money, youEngineering_1 can always turn to a financial institution to take a credit. However, it’s ideal to use your own money, as you won’t have to pay anything else for that sum. If you will take a credit from a bank, be ready to give back more than you have taken.

The Idea and the Plan

When you think about investing, think very well about what you want to invest in. There are plenty of ideas that are worth investing it, and many of them are more than profitable. However, if you are good at something, invest in that domain. Also, if you know a certain area more than anything else, it’s also recommended to invest there.

Something that you have to be careful about is the business plan. That should be well structured and detailed, as that is your best way to find investors, especially if you don’t have the whole sum of money to use from the start.

tumblr_lsuke1qcQo1qd9o7rWhat you need to do is look for a lawyer or a business advisor to help you draft your business plan. That plan should contain every relevant detail about your business – financing, number of employees, domain, location, and other information that should be there. If you get specialized help to do this, it will be much easier to follow further everything that you have to do.

The Beginning

When you decide to get on with this, once you have the plan, the idea and the budget set, be ready to look for a location and think about marketing techniques. Make sure you are present in the online environment, with an online website and a social network profile. Don’t underestimate the power of these two tools, as this is what will help you get closer to your targeted clients.

The online environment allows you to have a targeted audience, so make sure you get a marketing specialist to help you with everything. It doesn’t matter if you sell coffee or engineering products – it must be available online so people can learn easier about it.

What Happens After

After you have started, it’s important to keep on going. Every start up can be hard, but what it’s important is your determination and your desire to succeed. It’s true that some domains are harder than others, but every business is run successfully by learning something new every day. There are plenty of courses you could take to get a further specialization in your area, or simply to use your skills to the top level.